Sunday, December 26, 2010

The decision to stay in grad school or pursue more permanent full time work has been my main concern since my research papers were turned in and I had spare moments to think. While I love studying literature and planning my thesis, Roosevelt has not been as academic as I expected. Considering my thesis has been my main motivation to continue and just get my Masters Degree now.

At the same time, I fear that my Masters will never lead to a PhD program or any teaching position. Just another expensive piece of paper. Here are my thesis ideas so far:

1) Harry Potter and the book's ability to teach Children how to read by each book adding new layers of complexity and improving young adult interest in and ability to read literature.

2) Parody Literature what it says about contemporary culture and our views about classic like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.

3) The reoccurring theme of the orphaned child and adversity faced without parental protection and love as seen in Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and research more classic books.

I hope to come back to these ideas next summer do some real research and make a decision. I am afraid that the school would not approve my thesis ideas.

I'm still writing about the Blackhawks at but have found minimal time to do this. I hope to start doing more freelance writing in the future and freelance jobs in SEO or copyediting/proofreading.

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